Friday, January 20, 2012

Recent Eye Doctor Visit

Last Monday, January 16. I went to see my eye doctor, technically she is a retinologist. But that is by the by.
I went through all the usual checks, eye chart, pressures, OCT scan, no dilation which is always good.

The eye chart part was tough though. I have been noticing my vision is getting worse. Not blurred anymore, which is good. But for you older readers, do you remember the days when television sets had contrast and brightness knobs on the front? Did you ever turn both these knobs to full. The picture got so bright and more undefined.

Well that is about where my vision is today. Bright, I close my eyes at night and I still think I can see light. Maybe that is something to do with the insomnia? Anyway, I pointed out the phenomena, she just said, "There is no physical reason for that."

So is she saying it is in my imagination?

I know in the past that I have been able to detect changes well before the machines and doctors tests could find something. My doctor is good, but somehow I think we are missing something happening here. Don't know what it is, but it is happening.

On Wednesday, my wife even got the message that something is going on. She came to my work unexpectedly. We were organizing a book club and she wanted to know whether to pick up some of the snacks. She was three feet away from me and I walked past her. I didn't even know she, or anyone for that matter, was there. Of course she was offended because I ignored her. That was despite my protests that it was not a deliberate snub. Life is too short to start a fight that way, anyway.

I'll need to keep an eye on the matter. Pun intended. :)


  1. Well, it seems your doctor is missing something. Hmm, have you told your doctor about that incident? Why don't you try to seeking a second opinion? Well, different doctors do have different views on each condition.

    Vincent Davis

    1. No I haven't asked for a second opinion.

      But I think that my doctor might find something has happened. As I have now lost all vision in my left eye.


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