Sunday, January 8, 2012

Classes Begin Tomorrow

The day has come. Tomorrow sees the start of my next class.

This one will be a graduate seminar in Modern China. Actually it is not up to the present, just China between 1644 and 1912.

I have done all my scanning of the main textbook, it took a couple of days to do that. Mainly it took a couple of days because the Intel Reader uses a lot of battery power to process documents. So one may get several chapters processed per battery charge then it takes three or four hours to recharge the battery fully. Possibly a thing to consider buying additional batteries.

The instructor for the class also advised "skimming" several chapters of the text. Of course skimming a text is not really possible for a blind student as we need to listen to all the text in order to glean some information. At least I didn't need to make detailed notes. But I can say that I have read the first part of the textbook. I don't mind that thought, there is a lot of background information which I am sure is very important to the course.

At this moment I am a little nervous about the class. I always am. Lots of questions flying around in my mind and wondering what the next four weeks in class will bring.

Anyway I am as prepared as I can be. Whatever else happens I have done as much as I can now.

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