Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Intel Reader Tip

While using my Intel Reader the other day I was scanning a rather thick book for my upcoming Modern China class.

At over 600 pages the book wouldn't lay flat on my scanning stand. This led to the left hand side page having a lot of distortions in the analysed text.

To cut down on this problem I placed four or five thin paperback books between the front cover of the book and the bed of the scanner stand. This made the book relatively flat for my Intel Reader to see the pages.

It worked really well. There were then very few distortions and missed readings of the text.

Another tip: Scanning appears to take about 10% of battery power for every twenty pages of text. Scan individual chapters in a book and allow the reader to process each one before proceeding to the next. This makes the process much faster than scanning several chapters at once, plus it makes finding particular chapters easier to find if they are saved as individual stored data files.

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