Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My stupid smart phone

Well I did it!

I went out and got a new phone, quite nice, smart phone with android operating system. I can download all sorts of fantastic apps, my phone will even tell me what the weather is like outside the window without me having to strain my neck to look out the window.

One of the great setting features the sales assistant was willing to show me was that I could even send text messages by talking into the telephone.  WOW!  Whatever next!  DoYou  mean that I can just talk into this thing and send the message ?


 Well Someon was born yesterday,

 The phone was free because I signed a two-year contract.   All set-up I went home and charged the battery overnight and the next day I attempted to send a text.

 The smartphone buttons on the screen are small and my fingers are large. So  I attempted
to press the  button which I can hardly see anyway. I pressed  several  others which I  hadn't intended.

 there is a solution it turns out turn the phone onto its side which  did make the screen expand and the buttons larger.

 So I get To be able to press the right button.  Now I speak into the microphone and  send a meaningful  message to my wife  I say, "A new day in history has dawned. I can text again . "

 The Message she received was a little different, " You redneck, back texting now." I think smartphones have long way to go before I will not see them as being  dumb, dumb, dumb.

If you get some weird text message it may be just a poor fool like me who believed the sales hype and got themselves a dumb smartphone.

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