Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

The presents are ordered and being tracked on UPS, FedEx and USPS, though that tracking number doesn't work. So all that is left to do is sit and wait.

I finished my first class towards my Master's degree this week. Four weeks of scanning, reading my Kindle (having it read to me more like) writing papers (My final paper was on the history of the coffee house in the Islamic world and England up until the beginning of the Eighteenth Century) anyway with half the grades marked so far it looks good, an "A".

My home is bare this year, can you believe I forgot to get a Christmas Tree!

The time for looking back over the year is passing. A good finish to my Bachelors degree, a try at a new job failed, the death of  an old friend. Starting my next step towards a better education. For next Year? More school, It looks good to complete my Master's almost a year earlier than planned. If I do one class per month and break in March and July I can finish formal classes in November. The break in March and July are for vacations.

I would love to visit the Perogi Festival in Whiting/Hammond, Indiana my wife's family are Polish and are amazed that I might want to try a perogi, don't know why. I come from the land that gave the world the Cornish Pasty, a perogi by any other name would taste as good! :)

Failing Indiana, maybe Washington and Canada may be an alternate. Having a US passport these days would make the travel to the country up North much easier than in the past with my reams of Resident papers. Plus I have never been to Canada. Plus a visit to Washington State would mean revisiting Seattle, a very pretty city. I also would have to go and pay homage to the first Starbucks. I missed it though I visited Pike's Place Market in 2002, just hadn't heard of Starbuck's in those days.

As a final word, Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for your support reading my posts over the past few months. All the best for the New Year to you all.

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