Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We are almost there. Christmas! But there is a fly in my ointment. I have not bought one present as yet, with only one week to go! HELP!

No this is not a plea for money, the help request is purely rhetorical and an expression of frustration.

This will be the first Christmas for years where I was not prepared by the end of August, presents bought or planned, cards at the ready and my own list for Santa e-mailed to the North Pole, ok exaggeration there. :)

This year my first one as severely visually impaired I have succombed to my wife's "It'll get done." Philosophy.

Living in a small town with few stores, Christmas shopping means either going online or going to a big town. Online I am wary of these days after having a credit card wiped out buying from a small store on the East Coast, I got what I wanted, a nice coin set, someone at that online store got what they wanted, $1,500 of Macy's store credit on my credit card! So for me gift shopping went to Amazon or Barnes and Noble long ago.

The problem is you have to really know what you are looking to buy, I do anyway, sometimes that instant rush of Perfect Gift only came with browsing a store. Now can I go to a store? Not easily without my wife. She has to drive afterall.

She is also not one to let me browse in peace, not that I can do that much anyway, Excuse me am I in PetSmart or Victoria's Secret?

How on earth do you buy someone a surprise gift if you cannot have some private time to just do what needs to be done. That is my frustration. So am I doomed to point my mouse to Amazon this year. Is my wife to get a cook book? Hey doesn't Victoria's Secret have a nice website?

Where's my delete history button gone?   :)

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