Monday, December 5, 2011

Dragon NaturallySpeaking: the speech recognition software for your computer

Recently you may have seen commercials on TV for Dragon Naturally Speaking Software.

I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5  myself. I have used Dragon on and off  for several years now . Version 11.5 is  far better than the early versions which I used in college five or so years ago to help me write my papers for my   Associate of Arts degree . in those days I used to spend most of my time correcting it's many mistakes.

Today I'm using the latest version to help me work on my Masters degree in history . Dragon NaturallySpeaking works very well and my typing speed has risen from about 250 words  per hour to about 1000 words per  hour.  Dragon does need some learning time , it is estimated it takes about three months for Dragon to learn your individual speech  patterns but the more you use Dragon the faster the system can update and learn how you normally speak .

This whole article has been written  using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it took me about 5 min. to Complete.

 Dragon NaturallySpeaking is actually one of the few items which I, today, would say I cannot do without . I can use it to write my papers, surf the internet write e-mail and also make notes for my classes.


The latest versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking come in several language variations including Spanish.  There are alsoseveral levels of complexity from the home use edition to student and professional editions. 

 Prices vary from $79 upwards for the basic level to about $400 for professional levels of the software.

 If you Use your computer  often then investing in Dragon NaturallySpeaking software may be something worth considering.

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