Saturday, November 19, 2011

Intel Reader Review

I bought my Intel Reader in early September 2011.

The Reader measures about 6x4x1 inches and weighs about a couple of pounds. It contains a high quality camera and text to speech software.
The Reader comes with a carrying case which allows you to use the reader from within the case. There are openings for you to reach the neccessary buttons and which allows the camera to see the text that you require to read. This case means no worrying about having to extract the Reader from the case each time you want to use it.

The Reader is simple to use. Just click the large shoot button on the top right corner and it scans the text. The Reader then needs about thirty seconds to scan and interpret the trxt on a simple page, books can take one or two minutes but you can scan several pages of text and read already scanned text as the very powerful processor works on completing its scan.

There are some areas which I think will need to improve in later versions, but which don't really detract from this product.

1. The Reader can only read text in forms such as Times New Roman, Vereena and Calibri fonts. Italic fonts or the many artistic fonts are not read by the Reader in intelligible forms. Neither is handwritten forms, letters which you might want to use.

2.  The power supply for charging requires an earthed power outlet. In my house we have only four of these, three in the kitchen and one in my office. It is therefore difficult to recharge if my wife is cooking and I am on my desktop computer.  Recharge is quite raapid however, mine has recharged in a little over three hours.

3. If you attempt to scan large amounts of text and there is a problem with the scan, it is difficult to go back and fill in the failed scan. For this purpose I would reccommend only scanning small pieces of text at anyone time.

I really do like the Intel Reader though, it has some quirks, as does any technology, the speech is clear but does come easier to understand with practice.

I would say it was well worth the almost $1,000 which I paid for the Reader alone.

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