Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Going for the Masters Degree

We are in the final week off preparations for beginning my Masters Degree in History with National University.

I have prepared my books with my Intel Reader, the text to speech scanner which I piurchased several weeks ago.

It is a great little device. It has coped pretty well with some hefty textbooks for my first class which begins next Monday, 11/21/11.

My first class will be World History. It looks interesting as a subject. From the textbooks there appears to be a great deal of recent social history. Matters such as industrialization and migrations. With just four weeks, there is a lot of work to do. I am glad that some accommodations were made available, extra time on timed exams is always nice, also some time extension was granted on papers if needed.

I will add that I have rarely need to call in accommodations in the past. With help from readers/typists in exams in the past I usually completed exams in the minimum time. I only needed one extension on a paper deadline with my BA History, and that was because I was in hospital with Valley Fever, a nasty fungal lung infection, not because of my blindness.

In that case I made a bet with my teacher, if she allowed me to stay in class, I would finish on time. Provided she allowed me to get out of hospital to complete my assignment. As I have always found, high level teachers are wonderfully supportive if you are honest with them. She gave me a grace period to complete the paper and I caught up with the class and finished on time.

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