Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blindness: There's an app for that!

A few days agoI went shopping for a new phone. It was hard to tell which phone would be the best with all the choices between iPhones, android, and the multitude of phones ranging from basic to the latest multifunction gameplaying, texting, web browsing, communication devices now crowd the shelves of Best Buy and a multitude of other retail outlets.

The sales assistants was quick to help, I explained to her that I was looking for an upgrade of m current phone which I have been using for about two years now. My presence contract with AT&T has expired and I aooking to have a phone which I can use for normal voice calls, texting and one which may be available with some speech to tacilities and preferably one which I can see with my failing eyesight.

She called over several of her colleagues and they all  gathere eagerly  in order to share
.their idea as to which phone would be most suitable . fo Fme.. . I was surprised in genera. al Aof them. su Sested phones. ot Or than the. la Lst iPhone..

 I looked at one sales assistants with my best incredulous look as he sahe"  Oh blind! I think this phone has an app  for that."

 I can Hardly imagine a company producing an app for blindness. 

  Actually,  what he had really meant to say was that the phone he was suggesting for me had which enlarged any text on the screen and had the ability to download software to enable speech to text.

For  me the best thing about  the phone he was suggesting was not just that it could be used by me quite easily ,but that it was available for free.

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