Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is there a Master's Degree in the Future?

After some seriously hard thinking, boredom and number crunching. It seems that I could try for a Master's Degree.

My choice is to try to take a Master of Arts Degree in History with National University.

The course would be online. This allows me not to worry about travelling several hundred miles per month to in seat classes at the nearest campus.

It appears that I could take alternate sessions off.

Classes run for four weeks and it is possible to complete a Masters Degree within one year. This is a bit of a gamble with my vision deterriorating as it is, so I am planning to take one class, break for four weeks when I can read ahead , preparing textbooks with my Intel Reader, create MP3 files and such, ready for the next months work.

The course is 10 classes long so I am estimating if I begin in January 2012, that I will complete my Master's in September 2013. Not much shorter than a traditional Master's but in this area, National has a a good and well known reputation.

We will see what happens.

National University Website   HERE!

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