Monday, October 31, 2011

Always Amazed with Lucentis

I don't think that I will ever cease to be amazed by the speed of my improved vision following a Lucentis injection.

At 2pm last Friday I went to my eye doctor, my vision was so poor that I could not see the technician's hand as she brought her fingers to my face. The only indication that her hand was there was that I could no longer see the fuzzy glow of light.

I had missed my original planned injection two weeks ago, because of a change in insurance there was some dispute as to whether the new insurance company would pay for any treatment.

By Friday last week, the swelling behind the retina was so bad that I could not ignore it any longer. Luckily the insurance company relented and agreed to pay for the now emergency treatment.

The OCT scan supported the fact that my central retinal vein occlusion (crvo) swelling was back. My doctor decided Lucentis was the treatment to use.

I was injected at about 2:30pm and as usual my doctor was very quick and almost caused me no pain. There is always a little, but she minimizes pain with her firm and decisive action as opposed to those doctors who like to play about for twenty minutes, trying to put themselves in the mood to inject.

One the way home after a qiock sandwiche at Marie Callendars, I noticed that I could now see the rear view mirror in the car and after a while, the dark looming shapes of trees at the side of the road.

The loss of sight which had taken about a week to take full effect was receeding. Within three hours of the injection, I was begining to see some of the world about me again.

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