Friday, September 9, 2011

Pay It Back

One thing I like about living in the United States is the attitude that paying back to your community or any community is a good thing.

Volunteering for work which benefits society is not considered something strange. For myself I like to help tutor students. It is fun and a wonderful way to use the knowledge which I gained while gaining my degree. While at Community College I took a course in tutoring and the various methods of helping students learn. At the time I used the cash which I earned to pay for my studies and offset the cost of textbooks.

Having graduated I missed the interaction with students and so went back to tutor voluntarily at my alma mater and also to help adult Spanish speakers to improve their English language skills at my local library.

From my experience of going blind I have seen my self esteem suffer at times. It is easy to let ones disability become ones sole preoccupation. One says how one cannot do something because I am blind.

The truth is doing something for and with others does you good.
It need not be something like tutoring, you may have skills in any area. Joining in is the main thing and if it is something which pays back to society in general that is no bad thing.

Consider what you can do for others and pay it back, with a good heart, show people that the disabled can do something that sets an example to others.

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