Monday, September 5, 2011

Intel Reader

Well, I have just put in an order for an Intel Reader. Given that it is Labor Day and such I don't really expect the clock to start ticking as to dispatch and delivery. The company promise an approximate 2 day dispatch so we'll be looking at Thursday, for that.

I also opted for UPS ground delivery, at over $50 for two day and $190 for overnight, I reckon I waited a few months for this item I can wait a week or so for ground delivery.

If I had been in more of a hurry then the additional cost may have been reasonable.

I also ordered an additional battery for the reader and the reader station to enable capturing of larger volumes of documents. 

Still with all the additional items the reader is coming in at just a shade under $1,400.

Saving me about $100 on most of the competition.

I will keep you updated as to the customer service of the supplier and also my learning experience and feelings about the reader itself when it arrives.
Obviously at the moment I am not a little nervous as to the cost and whether this reader can live up to expectations. My hopes are very high but I have made mistakes in the past too.

I have no connection with the manufacturers of the Intel Reader nor the supplying company. This is not a paid review, nor am I receiving any product in exchange foor a review.

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