Friday, August 5, 2011

What is Blindness?

Today I found this article in my newsfeed.  It was posted in the Nigerian Tribune on August 6th 2011. (The date difference is due to time zones, it was August 6th in Nigeria though still August 5th in California.

It is an excellent example as to the description of blindness.

I can see (metaphorically) how people misunderstand what blindness is. The general description is that blindness isa inability to detect the presence of light or dark.  All other forms are actually visual impairment to some degree.

The confusion comes when people are declared legally blind. Currently legal blindness is 20/200, That is the person tested cannot see or identify objects seen by a normally sighted person at 200 feet.

I have a visual accuity of 20/1500 so am legally blind but am able to detect light so an not clinically blind.

The article linked below gives excellent examples as to what it means to be both blind or visually impaired.

Read The Article CLick Here!

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