Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Had a Lucentis Injection 10 hours Ago

Went to see my retinologist this morning. The tests were excellent, but my report of blurring vision was a concern for her.

She is a very good doctor, and after examination and consultation she decided to offer me an injection of Lucentis.

As usual the shot was given quickly. This time there was a little pain afterwards. It has not affected me so much since having the glaucoma implant to prevent a build up of eye pressure. Today was an exception for about five minutes, then all was ok.

Now it is about ten hours after the injection. I can see the letters on my normal keyboard, that is better than this morning. I am also less sensitive to the light.

I must admit at times this cycling is frustrating, sometimes I wish to be all one way or the other. Of course to be totally blind is not a real wish, just more stable in this region would be nice if I can't have full vision.

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