Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today is not good.

for a couple of days now my sensitivity to light has been increasing.

Today I had planned as a full day of research and writing, but I find my vision an almost total white-out.

As it seems this is the end of my latest Lucentis injection. I was given Lucentis almost five weeks ago now. I have an appointment with my retinologist on Tuesday, we were hoping the overlap of my last two injections would mean my vision would not decline as it usially does after a few weeks.

I am just guessing that this sensitivity and severe blurring is just the regular return of swelling behind the retina. It is how it usually manifests itself, but there is always the worry that it may be another central retinal vein oclusion. (CRVO).

As with all aspects of this form of blindness there is often a waiting period. I might call the doctor tomorrow for an emergency appointment, then maybe go to find no obvious cause, if I had waited 24 hours I could find there is noticable swelling for her to treat. It is all a question of how to act and when.

If this were a new symptom however I would call and get in to see the doctor tomorrow if not even today. 

Ah! the frustration of being blind.

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