Thursday, July 14, 2011

Story Teller: A Modern Homer

In Ancient times many blind people took up the occupation of storytelling. They would sit by the city gates and tell their tales and poems to weary travellers for a few coins.

In recent weeks it seems I have followed a similar course. I have taken up writing online quite seriously. I think given the hours I put in it could be a fifty hours per week business. I have also done some public speaking. First to the student body at my alma mater Community College. That addressed how disabled students can successfully graduate to their desired levels of education.

Yesterday, July 13,2011. I did two talks to childdren and their parents and grandparents on Cats in English Folklore. It was a fun presentation at two local libraries as part of their summer reading program.

At the first presentation the library provided a lady from the local drama group to appear as H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, It was a fun day. The children enjoyed see the queen then I told the story of Dick Whittington and his cat. then we saw a piece from Alice in Wonderland with the appearance of the Cheshire Cat, and his smiling disappearance too.

Following the stories, we allowed the children to create their own cat masks and followed all of it with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

The second presentation later in the day was almost identical in format except for the presence of the queen.

All around it seemed yto go well, many people didn't actually realize that I was blind until after the events. But for me the big part was putting something back into the community. Many good people gave up their time willingly to create a special day for the children of the two communities. That to me shows that community spirit is something that even we as blind people can share in.

We all can play a part even if it is as a modern Homer.

To read my poem A Modern Homer CLICK HERE!

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