Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Moon's a Piece of Cheese

For years I have toyed with writing poetry. It usually consisted of a few rhymes and was often about love and such.

A few months ago a friend told me of the Yahoo Associated Content Program. Yahoo run a program where you submit work to an editor and they then scrutinize the work. If it is good enough they publish it and pay either cash up front or a residual income for the work.

Over the last few months I have submitted several pieces, and for one reason or another received a dreaded rejection e-mail.

Well last week and as a bit of a last act I set about writing another poem, based on a photograph. The photograph was of the large full Moon earlier this year. My first attempt was waxing lyrical on a lover's moon. It was not looking good, when a little nonsense poem came into my head.

The poem reflected the old story of the moon being a piece of cheese, which a giant would take a bite from, hence the phases.

I scribbled down my poem and sent it off to Yahoo, pretty quickly.

Today to my surprise I received a congratulatory e-mail. The Poem "The Moon is a Piece of Cheese" was accepted and published.

So here I am 49 and three quarters, and in the last decade I have gone blind, toured most of the Western Hemisphere, married, moved to a new country, received a Bachelors degree and now am a published, bone fide poet, with rejection e-mails and a payment in my pocket.

Can we say that blindness is not a disability in itself, only our reaction to it is the truly disabling factor?

To Read Poem Click Here

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