Thursday, June 9, 2011

There are nice people in the world

This morning was a normal day. My wife decided we needed to go a day early for our regular, weekly Starbuck's. Normally we go on a Friday, but this has been a busy week. So time for a treat.

We drove into the drive-thru lane and ordered our drinks, just plain brewed coffees and a blueberry scone. In front of us was a large silver SUV. As we crawled around, my wife did her make-up as usual and I just played with my debit card, it was my turn to pay.

The SUV in front pulled away from the window and was gone in a moment, my wife took my card and the cashier said, "That's ok, the driver in front paid for your order."

We were stunned, you hear about such things and they are almost an urban myth. I have often asked people if that sort of thing really happens. Well today I know they do REALLY happen.

So what does this story have to do with being blind? Nothing.

I just wanted to say that there are things which people do which do make the world better. I do not know the driver of that silver SUV but I wish I could thank them for their gesture. I doubt that they will read this blog at anytime, but maybe if we can give a little something, a kindness, a thank you, a word of praise for something done for us maybe that will be some gem of a thank you for the kindnessshown today from a stranger to a stranger.

Thank you!

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