Saturday, June 4, 2011

Somedays REALLY Stink!

You know, somedays can really stink!

Today is one of those days, whether I were blind or not there is no getting away from it. Today stinks!

Last night I went to close the back door of our house, it had gone dark outside, but there were lights on out there. I always leave a light on because I once read that skunks do not like a light, they stay away being nocturnal. Well last night I met a skunk which had obviously NOT read that article.

You can possibly imagine why today stinks, why I stink, the house stinks and the very air I am breathing stinks.

And today my wife and I are driving her friends from Scotland to the airport to catch a flight to Seattle, two hours in a car with us. I wonder if they might get a free upgrade to First class, or maybe they will be banished to the wings. LOL

My excuse of course, "I didn't see it." Maybe I will not have the job of closing the door to the garden at night now.

Well one job off the "Honey do list."

Maybe today doesn't stink quite as much as I thought.

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