Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lucentis Injection

As I write it is 48 hours after an injection of the drug Lucentis. The drug is injected directly into the eye, actually a fairly painless procedure, much more unpleasant for anyone watching or imagining the process.

Lucentis has been used on my left eye several times, along with Avastin and sometimes Kenalog or Macugen.

Normally I see a great improvement in my vision within 72 hours of the injection. This time my retinologist advised caution, my vision had deteriorated to a foggy blurr by Tuesday last. It had not been quite that bad for quite some time. Yesterday I was able to see the walls of my house as I moved about, today I can just make out the letters on my normal keyboard, I do not have a high visibility keyboard at home, though I do use one at my local college. I think it might be a good idea for me to buy one sometime though as they are highly effective.

For my experience of intravitreal (into eye) injections, read my article  Then the Ostrich Pooped

It is often hard I think for a doctor like my retinologist, in part she must always seem cautious to prevent false hope building. If I were to see little improvement I am sure she would feel that I would lay the blame at her feet. Personally I don't think that is the case as she has been a wonderful doctor to me for four years now.

Lucentis usually remains effective for me for about four weeks, that is one of the less palatable facts of life. Vision for me is only ever temporary. We will see how this all works out over the month. My retinologist suggested Kenalog next time, it averages a six month effective period but it also raises internal eye pressure, it also caused a steroid induced cataract after about 18 months. The cataract was removed over Christmas 2008. So further cataracts are less likely.

For a description of my experiences of intravitreal (in eye) injections see my hub, Then the Ostrich Pooped   on HubPages

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