Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lucentis Injection: Two Weeks On

Well it has now passed the two weeks mark since I had my Lucentis injection.

You may recall that prior to the injection I could barely see light. The world was a thick fog and there was no definition to any shapes. Within a couple of days I saw a major improvement, I could see the letters on my normal computer keyboard with the use of glasses.

Today I can see the keyboard and my fingers as I type. I am no touch typist and need to look. This post has taken me three minutes to type so far. Much better than I was doing the last weekend in May, when a single word could take that time.

I was also able to see a high visibility keyboard without any reading glasses earlier today. That is very good even for me.

Results do vary from day to day, but if your doctor recommends Lucentis  or Avastin it is worth a try. You might even beat me in terms of visual accuity. If I still had my driving licence I do not think even as good as today is, that I would go out driving a car. Things are noticeably better but some things are not that good.

For a description of my experiences with intravitreal (into eye) injections see the article Then the Ostrich Pooped   on HubPages.

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