Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First The Good News ...

Yesterday's visit to my Retinologists office started off well. I would say very, very well. Despite the blotchiness I told you about the other day, that turned out to be a couple of dry spots on the cornea. I was in such good form I asked that they perform a Snelling Chart, eye chart, test on me. I got down to about the third line.

Ok, that if you have 20/20 vision is bad. It puts me at 2000/20. I can see what a normally sighted person can see at 2,000 feet. Still legally blind, but four weeks ago before the Lucentis shot, I could see light when they shone a lamp into my left eye. Nothing else.

With that result I was on top of the world. Just like in the movie when James Cagney cried "Look Mama, I'm on top of the world." My happiness was about to end in a big bang.

My retinologist was pleased, she had suggested four weeks ago not to expect good results from the Lucentis. So it was a bonus to have such results. Then she asked how long the injection usually lasts. Big mouth, yours truly, then burst his own bubble, "About six weeks."  So here we are four weeks in and this dummy can't see what is coming.

"We'll give you another injection today then. I'll be on vacation for two weeks. So we don't want to let things get worse." my doctor said.

Ahhhhh! Not sure, How I talked myself into this position. I do badly and get an injection, I do well and I get an injection. B****r.

I wish having CRVO wasn't such a frustration. The one time when I wanted to come home and not have a sore eye for the evening, just once "Please God." Just once let me be able to see for long enough where I forget what it is like to feel that needle slip into my eye.

For a description of my experience of intravitreal (into eye) injections see my hubpage Then the Ostrich Pooped

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