Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Liquid level alarm for the Blind

When I first became blind one of the most upsetting things was my innability to pour a drink for myself without over filling the cup.

It may seem silly but it is such simple sounding things which frustrated me the most. The act of pouring a cup of tea or coffee is wonderfully liberating. You feel that you are not totally dependent on someone else to provide basic needs.

For a few dollars you can purchase a small device which hangs onto the side of a cup, glass or mug and allows a blind person to hear or feel a vibration as the level of liquid in the cup comes close to the top.

The devices come in several forms but are basically a 9 volt battery with two prongs elongated and bent over to form hooks, these hooks hang on the side of the cup and as the liquid reaches them it completes the circuit allowing the buzzer to sound. So you can stop pouring and be free from spilling hot liquids on yourself.

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