Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Losing Weight: Adiet that Works Now Lost 91 Pounds.

 It has been a while now since I began to lose weight deliberately.

I began around Easter 2021, that was in April.  It is now the end of August 2022, about sixteen months later.

Before and After I lost ninety pounds

In April 2021, I weighed 375pounds and actually felt really sick most of the time.  I was also taking huge  doses of insulin.  Because  I was following doctors orders to eat several small meals per day, and take thirty units of insulin at each meal, I was over 200 units per day.  Eating high carb, to prevent low blood glucose crashes which happened daily and gaining weight.

In December 2020 I had been given a continuous glucose meter.  By April I was using it to monitor and assess my bodies reatcion to my food.  That diet was having me see-saw all over the place.

In April I heard of the Pegan diet, from a PBS infomercial.  So I bought and read the book. After reading the book which made sense to me.  I talked to my wife and she agreed to work with me in trying its ideas.

The basic summary is, eat good foods, lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, drink organic grass fed milk and use healthy fats such as butter, and olive oil, eat organic meats.

Avoid, sugar, did you know sugar has over two hundred names used on processed food packages in order to hide its presence in many foods.  Avoid processed food like substances whose ingrediant list reads like a chemistry experiment.  Avoid soda of all kinds.  I drink tea, coffee and sparkling water that is unflavored, just plain sparkling water or club soda if I am in a restaurant.

Within days of starting I was eating just three meals per day.  Instantly halving my daily insulin dosage.

I lost several pounds per week for a few weeks and then my weight loss slowed.

As I reduced my insulin over time, I also reduced the ammounts I was taking with each meal.  from thirty units to twenty-five then twenty so on down to tan units in the early months of 2022.  By June even five units saw my blood glucose unstable and crash so my doctor took me off insulin injections completely.

As my weight fell I was able to increase my exercise, taking on various virtual walking challenges from Conqueror walking challenges, see my favorite exercise apps in the link at the top of the page.  If you use that link you can receive money off your first virtual challenge.  

I now walk around six or seven miles per day.  Boosted by my desire to gain a new medal from my latest challenge.

As my diet progressed I found myself only wanting to eat one or two times per day.  I never feel hungry with the Pegan Diet.  So I also looked into intermittent fasting.

With intermittent fasting one might skip a meal or two or one may not eat a meal for one or more days.  I have not eaten for up to sixty hours, just because I have not been hungry.  

I found "The Obesity Code", by Dr. Jason Fung a very interesting read and it helped me understand alot about eating and health.

So with mixing up ideas like the Pegan Diet and intermittent fasting I get to late August 2022.

me on August 22, 2022 weighing 284 pounds.

At 284 pounds on August 22, 2022.  Having lost 91 pounds in seventeen months.  I reccomend The Pegan Diet and intermittent fasting as a good way to reduce weight and for type two diabetics a good way to lose the insulin.

Type one diabetics need insulin to live.

Insulin can make type two diabetes worse as it promotes insulin resistance, a major factor of type two diabetes.  Giving insulin to a type two diabetic, makes as much sense as giving an alcoholic whiskey to stop DT's.

Thanks for reading.

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Monday, June 6, 2022

Completed the English Channel Walk.



I Did It In One Week! 

Here is the certificate to prove it!

Conqueror English Channel 21 mile challenge, completed June 6 2022.

I completed my attempt to walk 21 miles as logged by my Apple Watch and iPhone Health App on June 5, 2022.  I walked the 21 miles beginning on Sunday May 29, 2022.  I did walk every day but being blind I botched my data entry for two days last week.  Then I linked my Health app to the Conqueror Challenge app.

The apps communicate at about 7am Pacific Time, and so by 8am this morning June 6, 2022.  I received my certificate of completion.

As I completed the challenge so quickly I received a discount on my next challenge.    A good deal worth 15% for twenty-four hours, so it pays to have a next challenge planned.

I wanted to enrol for the Hadrian's Wall Challenge, 90 miles across England's  Northern border.  I hope to complete that by August 1, 2022.  Just over 50 days away.

We'll have to see how the completion medal looks for the English Channel.  I am not sure how soon that arrives but I have seen my wife's medal for the Dutch Flower walk and that is a nice medal.

If you would like to see what challenges Conqueror has available for you, follow my affiliate link below to get 10% off your first challenge.


Conqueror APP.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Financial Independence For The Visually Impaired Part Seven: Update October 20, 2021 Two Years In.

 It is now two years  since I began my initial investment plan for the visually impaired.  That initial investment of $50 has grown to $1,063.47 .  I have added very little to that plan over the last year, just letting dividends build and re-invest has seen it spike in recent weeks.

A graph from M1 showing value of account growing up and to the right.

The main investing focus was put into the M1 account.

That account is now 21 months old. Opened on January 17th, 2020 with just $100. I have added just over $3,700 with regular weekly payments of at first $10, then $15 then $1731.  It has grown to  $4,366 which includes over $93.00 in dividends.  That total is set to grow rapidly as I am now set to invest $18.31 per week and I will be changing my investing strategy slightly until the end of the year. More on that later.

If you would like to open an M1 account you can do so here, if you open a new account and fund it with $100.00  M1   will give you an extra $30 to invest. I will also receive $30 from M1 at no cost to you. So we both get a nice bonus.

You can see how my M1 account is doing at this link too.  My Dividend Portfolio.


 Recently my monthly income has risen a little, just about $20 so I am increasing my weekly contributions to the M1 account from $17.31 to $18.31 per week.  THat money is paid in on Monday.


I will also be aiming to pay extra cash towards my monthly paying stocks, Real Estate Investments Trusts like Realty Income and Stag, together with Main Street Capital a business development corporation.


I plan on adding extra funds to those up until I receive a dividend of about $1.00 per month from each. That's about 4 Realty Income shares, 8 Stag shares and 5 Main Street shares.  That would make a regular $3.00 income o per month.  $36 per year from those stocks alone.  I also would be receiving income from most of the other stocks too.   So far only Boeing, amazon and Alphabet ( Google ) do not pay a dividend.  BOeing's dividend was suspended in the crash of 2020.  It may come back soon.


I did also swap out Asstra Zeneca for Abbvie and AT&T for John Deere.  AT&T is a major player in another portfolio.  ASTra Zeneca was less valuable of a dividend than Abbvie. So I swapped for the higher dividend.


I am now looking at a peak quarterly dividend income of over $23.00 a low quarterly dividend of over $21.00, I hope this will be over $25.00 by the end of 2021.  That will be over $100.00 per year, in dividends alone.


You can follow my progress at My dividend Portfolio here, and don't forget if you open a new account at this link we bothreceive $30 from M1 finance. 

Come take a look at my Investing book selection here.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

In What Order Do You Value Your Five Senses?

 Some questions seem trivial, take this one: "In what order do you value your five senses?"

Easy to answer?

How do you value your five senses, an eye

Well what if you really only have four senses?

As a blind man, that is the situation in which I find myself. So imagine my surprise when about a week ago I saw this question pop up in my Quora Space, Ask a Blind Guy.

At first I wanted to write something sarcastic, a blurb on the stupidity of the question.

Then I began to think the question through.  How much do I really value my five senses, I do still have five, sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.  Though the sight one is a little limited to say the least.

So what did I say?

what order do I value my five senses?

This may seem a strange thing, but as someone who is now almost completely blind, just a little light perception that gives me light and shadow in a small area to my right.

My sight, what I have left of it comes in as most prized.

When I was fully sighted, twenty years ago, I guess you might say I took sight for granted, now having lost most of my vision I treasure all the things my limited vision now gives me.


Read the rest of the post Here.


 "Ask a Blind Guy" is a free to read Space on Quora. There are several disabled contributors, most of them Blind or Visually Impaired.  Come and take a look at the space which is full of information about blindness, disability and issues that interest us.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What Are Some Good Gifts For a Blind or Visually Impaired Person in 2021?

 At this time of year thoughts turn to buying Christmas gifts. But what to buy if you are buying a gift for a blind or visually impaired person.

First of all get to know the person.  Know what they like.

They are a person afterall. 

Fir tree decorated with tinsel and lights covered in snow stands in a forest

I remember my first Christmas after moving to the United States of America.  My wife's parents bought me a pack of 100 socks, yes 50 pairs of identical socks.  I owned socks, I used up valuable space in my bags to ship dozens pairs of comfortable socks from the United Kingdom to the U.S.

Here I was forcing a smile, thanks for the socks.  I'll trasure them always.  Then taking them home, trying on one sock, they were far too small, I could only get the opening of the sock over four toes.

The next year, was more successful, my father-in- law, loved a practical joke.  He put $50 in a paper cover of a can of sardines.  Everyone in the family got a can of sardines.  I was ecstatic, I love sardines.  After everyone else found their $50 I went around the family collecting the cans of sardines too.  Best Christmas present ever!


The moral of that story. Get the  person something they like, show them that you have some knowledge of them as a person and that you have put some effort into deciding what they like.


Having said that here are five easy ideas for a gift, that may be of use to a blind or visually impaired person.


1. Audio book Subscription. 

Buying a subscription to Audible can give the person a gift every month of the year, if you buy a twelve month subscription.


My wife bought me a subscription for the audible service for my birthday.  I love listening to books and now I can look forward to buying a book every month for the next twelve months.  I love to buy Great Courses programs too, some of the older courses are now available as Audible audio files.  They  cost just one audible credit just like a normal book and make great listening...



 2.  A Smart Speaker Device.

I own four Amazon Alexa smart speakers. I have them in four different rooms, the living room, a bedroom, the office and the kitchen.

I use all of them everyday, in the kitchen I use my Dot (Alexa ) as a timer, in the living room, bedroom I listen to books or music and in the office I listen to a variety of streamed radio services and podcasts from all around the world.

It's easy to use, I say "Alexa play BBC Radio four." In seconds I am listening to the BBC.  I can ask Alexa the latest market news for the stock market, or I can ask Alexa to make calculations for me.  Just ask and Alexa will do the job.

3. A Tablet

A tablet or E-Book reader is an excellent device for a blind or visually impaired person.

Many of these devices now come with the ability to record speech as text or read text in a realistic voice. They can do many of the jobs of a micro computer, stram video, give access to the internet and allow you to run e-mail and other business software as well as playing games and using communication software like Skype or Zoom with friends and family.

One such Tablet is the Amazon Fire.

amazon fire tablet

4. An Amazon Gift Card.

Many people love a Gift Card, and the Amazon Gift card is available in many denominations from $20 upwards.

The benefit of an Amazon Gift card is that they do not expire and the recipient can use it to buy what they need when they need it.  It also solves the problem of giving a gift to someone you may not know that well. Remember the socks?

amazon gift card

5. A Smart Watchh.

I own a first generation Apple Smart Watch.  It's about four or five years old now. I wear it everyday.  It records my pulse rate, my steps walked, it reads my emails, it talks to me telling me the time, how much exercise I have taken and it has a calendar too.

all of that and it is connected to my iPhone so if I am away from my phone, but in bluetooth range I can answer and make calls on my watch.

AS a blind person I cannot think of a more useful device to have.

apple smart watch

So there we are five ideas for things that a blind or visually impaired person might like to receive as a Christmas Gift.

Of course it all depends upon how well you know the person. But the best gift of all will you recognizing them as an individual not as a disability.

Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022.

Happy Holidays!