Thursday, September 21, 2023

So What Do Blind People See?

 I was recently asked "What do Blind People See?' on my Quora pages.

Well for the first time I thought I could actually show people what I see as a blind person.

You can read my article here.  William Elliott's Post.

Yard from porch contains trees, plants and a large shed with ridged roof painted dark green and yellow trim around gable and windows.

The post includes a painting of my back yard looking East across my porch.  This is a photograph of that same view from the same position that I painted the view as I see it.

Recently my wife purchased an acrylic painting class for my birthday.  In part to get me out of the house and widen my social circle.  Having just moved home I was getting a little stuck in the house and this adult education class seemed to be something that I would enjoy.

So on Wednesday 20th September 2023 out cane my acrylics and I set about trying to paint what I can just about see.  This view across my porch to the boundary fence.

So if you have ever  wondered what I see as a blind person or wondered wat any blind person can see.  Come on over, following the link below.

Now just let me add, the painting is what I can see.  It is mostly in shades of grey and black.  It is the world as I see it on a bright day.

It is not how all blind people perceive the world.  Just my view of the world.  No other blind person will perceive the world as I do.  We a re all very different  and unique.

So come and look through my eye, at a new vision of my blind world.

The article is here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Leif, My Guide Dog is 11 Years Old.

 Today is March 29. 2023.  Today is my guide dogs eleventh birthday.  

Leif.  Black Labrador Retriever looks into the camera,  the left of his face is lit by full sun.

Leif, my guide dog has been by my side for just over nine years now.  He was eighteen months old when we both graduated from Guide Dogs for the Blind in November 2013.

Since then we have enjoyed many adventures, travels, stresses and laughs.

My life with Leif has led to my meeting thousands of people over the years.

Working with a guide dog certainly broadens ones circle of acquaintances.

To read my latest post about Leif follow this link to 'Medium'  and read my article,  'My Guide Dog is Eleven Years Old'

I Love My Labrador (Zazzle Affiliate Link)

Thursday, February 9, 2023

My Income on 'Medium' Increased By 325%. Take my Challenge

 So on Monday February 6, 2023.  I got to monetize my posts  on the 'Medium' platform.

William wears a black stetson and a red shirt.  Take his challenge

That is just over two weeks since I first published a post over there in Mid January.

To monetize you need to gather 100 followers, and have posted one article within the past six months.

I actually posted around ten  articles one or two per day.

So I now have a challenge for you all.

Follow the My Challenge link.

Register for your free "Medium" Account and write.  Write on any subject you wish.  Gather 100 followers and monetize your posts.

Then watch your bank balance increase as people read your stories.

Earn more cash than I did in six weeks and I'll hail you a champion.

Easy.  Beat me I dare you.  I am blind and I got 135% in increased income in one night.

See My Challenge Here

Saturday, January 28, 2023

A New Writer On 'Medium'


William Elliott,  new writer on medium wears blue shirt and silver grey necktie

With the start of 2023,  I decided to take a look at the writing website 'Medium'.

I love writing,  I have written many articles both in my blogs and over on Quora,  the question and answer website.  At Quora I have had over 12 million views and have received over 1 million views per month in November and December 2022, and January 2023 has been equally well visited.

Now I have added 'Medium' to my portfolio.

'Medium' will be a place where I post general content.  Memoirs,  relationship and just material that I feel like writing on a particular day.  Not always blindness related,  though there is some guide dog material over there right now.

'Medium' has free material so you can follow the links to my 'Medium' profile and look at my stories.

'Medium' also has a built in text to speech reader,  so it is easy to click listen to a story and a pretty good screen reader will read the story to you.  Even good for the sighted who want to listen to blogs while on the go, possibly driving about town.

I hope that you might take a look at my posts over there.

Maybe consider following me there for more regular posts about anything I take to writing about.

Here is the link to my 'Medium Profile' again.

To see my Quora Profile and Posts click here.

Friday, January 6, 2023

How Do I Convince my Family to Raise Guide Dog Puppies?

 Being a puppy raiser for a guide dog charity is not easy.  One does not volunteer and receive a puppy the first day.  There is a lot to think about.

I have been a Guide Dog user for over nine years and I have become involved with my local puppy raiser groups as a fund raiser and puppy sitter.

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

A young yellow Labrador puppy.

I  am blind, I have been a guide dog user for nine years. I also became involved with some of the Guide Dogs for the Blind raisers groups in my local area. Because of that my wife and I were accepted as helpers who care for a puppy for a few days while the regular raisers may be out of town.

Our title is that of “Puppy sitters” we are baby sitters for baby dogs. Marco above was one of our first puppies and he stayed with us for five nights, while his raiser was at a conference, not the place to take such a young puppy.

I have only experience with the process for Guide Dogs for the Blind based in San Rafael, California and their affiliate puppy raising groups in the Central Valley of California. So bear in mind other guide dog cahrities may differ in the role of puppy raiser.

Your question suggests that you may still be in school.

If you are you need parental permission to be a puppy raiser, you become the raiser as a family not you as an individual, being a minor.

If you attend a high school, does that school have a “Future Farmers of America” ( FFA ) program? The teacher may look into having part of that program a puppy raising program, puppy raising can be part of your school work and education.

 To continue reading  on Quora Click here.